in the canton of Nidwalden is located south of the Bürgenstock.

Many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs have established themselves in the canton of Nidwalden. The Pilatus Aircraft, which produces aircraft, is the largest employer. Many of the industrial companies have specialized in mechanical engineering, medical devices, international trade, optics or electronics. Other aviation-related companies can be located at Buochs ​​airfield.

Tourism is an important industry in the mountain canton of Nidwalden. The lake and the mountains attract many holidaymakers, both in summer and winter.

Buochs ​​Airport is the only permanently available aviation hub for private, business and commercial air traffic in Central Switzerland. This ensures the region's connection to hundreds of other comparable European airports.





Board of Directors

Jan Spycher
Airport manager
D: +41 41 619 61 28
M: +41 79 794 77 21

Roman Barmettler
Operation Manager
+41 41 622 06 11

Andy Jauch
Airport Operations
+41 41 622 06 11

Luc Lienhard
Airport Operations
+41 41 622 06 11

Nicole Jeger

Marianne Alb

Daniel Birrer

Raphael Meier

Marc Preisig

Luke Rüdin

Simon Zumbrunnen

Marc Blöchlinger, President

Markus Kälin, Vice President

Reto Amstutz, Member

Stefan Bosshard, Member

Dr. Othmar Filliger, Member

Christian Rambousek, Member




Start of piste construction on the Buochser – Ennetbürger Allmend

Buochser Allmend, left in the picture Engelberger-Aa in 1937

A group that began preparing a slope in 1937. Wages for married people 80 cents per hour, single people earned 68 to 70 cents per hour.


Construction of the Pilatus aircraft factory begins; Hall 1 (today's Hall 10) is already located on the airfield in the north and Hall 2 in the south of the airfield. The first piste will be built where the current 2000 m long main piste is located. The former dimensions of the runway were 600 x 37.5 m. End of August to November 8th, first occupancy of active duty by Flieger-Kompanie 17.

Buochs ​​airfield at the beginning of 1940: 600 mx 37.5. m part of the slope where the main slope is today.

Buochs ​​airfield at the beginning of 1940: 600 mx 37.5. m part of the slope where the main slope is today.


Hard surface runway 2 (today's redundancy runway was built. (dimension 900 x 40 m) 15 aircraft shelters, 2 rehabilitation tunnels in the Bürgenberg and hall 3 in the south were completed.

Overview of the airfield in the summer of 1940: The Pilatus area with taxiway, hall 1 on Bürgenberg and hall 2 on the south side of the airfield can already be seen on the plan.

Airfield plan 1943: In addition, a hard surface runway (today's redundancy runway) was built. Dimensions 900 mx 40 m) Hall 3 (now used by SwissInt) can also be seen on the plan.


Overview of the airfield in the summer of 1940: The Pilatus area with taxiway, hall 1 on Bürgenberg and hall 2 on the south side of the airfield can already be seen on the plan.

Barriers with traffic lights and guard houses are put into operation.


Five flying squadrons with Hunters in action from Buochs ​​airfield


The 600 m runway will be extended to 2000 m for Mirage operations.

Plan of the airport in 1962: Nothing has changed in terms of runways and taxiways between 1962 and today. The main runway has now been increased to a length of 2000 m and the redundant runway to a length of 1500 m. The extensions were necessary because of military jet operations.


Move into the new control tower with the barracks in the south of the airfield. Barracks are still needed even after 50 years; the control tower was replaced by a new building in 2011.

The TWR Buochs ​​was moved into in 1964 and was in operation until 2011. The barracks are still standing today
serve as office space and meeting rooms for Airport Buochs ​​AG.


Nine Hunter squadrons and a special squadron operated from Buochs ​​airfield, Fliegerstaffel 21 operated from Kaverne until 1967, when it had to give way to the Mirage IIIS squadrons, procurement of the Tiger F-5.


Submission of an application for operating regulations through economic development


Founding of the airport company Airport Buochs ​​AG


FOCA approves the operating regulations


BS transfers air traffic control to Airport Buochs ​​AG, sells 50% stake to Pilatus Flugzeugwerke


The Federal Court upheld the protection association's complaint, and provisional operating regulations have been in effect since then. Announcement of closure of Buochs ​​military airfield and transition to sleeping base


Retirement of Mirage IIIS with festival and military air show at Buochs ​​airfield


There is no longer any jet operation at Buochs ​​airfield, but Buochs ​​airfield has served as a factory airfield for Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG for many years. Woman is hit by a plane on the redundancy runway and dies.


PC21 prototype crash on the grounds of Buochs ​​airfield


District administrator authorizes cooperative corporations to repurchase land areas no longer needed by the federal government.

Moving into the new Tower Buochs


The government council, municipalities and cooperative corporations are launching a discussion of variants


First flight Pilatus PC24 – first business jet developed in Switzerland


Removal of the customs airport requirement for flights from Switzerland to Germany

After a long time and many interventions from all sides, the requirement for flights from Switzerland to the EU to first fly to an official airport with customs clearance has been lifted...

The former Buochs ​​military airfield will be used entirely for civilian purposes in the future

Bern, August 17.08.2021, XNUMX - The Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA has approved the conversion of the former Buochs ​​military airfield (NW) into a civil airfield. Airport Buochs ​​AG (ABAG) has the approval...

The airfield project has not yet gained much altitude

A good three years ago, Nidwalden agreed to participate in the Buochs ​​airfield. However, we are still a long way from achieving the promised self-sustaining operation, and objections are delaying the expansion. The approval was clear...

Nidwalden clearly says yes to the canton's participation in Buochs ​​airfield

Almost two thirds of those eligible to vote in Nidwalden are in favor of state participation in Buochs ​​airfield. The voting campaign caused quite a stir. Some people in the canton of Nidwalden might have been happy...

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