Bern, August 17.08.2021, XNUMX - The Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA has approved the conversion of the former Buochs ​​military airfield (NW) into a civil airfield. It has granted Airport Buochs ​​AG (ABAG) permission to operate it as an airfield as well as planning approval for the infrastructure facilities. The FOCA has also approved the operating regulations.

The former Buochs ​​military airfield has also been used by civil aircraft since 1946. Airport Buochs ​​AG (ABAG) has been operating the civil aviation part of the airfield since 2005. After the Federal Council decided in 2017 to definitely end military use of the airfield, ABAG submitted an application to the FOCA to convert it into a civilian airfield.

The application includes the granting of the operating license, the approval of the operating regulations and the planning approval for the infrastructure facilities that will continue to be used. This involves the conversion of existing military buildings for civilian purposes, the dismantling of obstacles in the runway safety strip and the measures of the General Drainage Plan (GEP). ABAG has also applied to the FOCA for the continued use of the hangar tents and measures to increase safety on Herdernstrasse. This public road runs across the airfield and crosses the runway and a taxiway.

A total of eleven objections were received during the public circulation of the application documents. As a result, an environmental impact assessment was carried out with the participation of the Canton of Nidwalden and the Federal Office for the Environment. Due to the positive assessment of the application and the environmental impact assessment, the FOCA has approved the conversion of the Buochs ​​airfield. However, ABAG will have to meet numerous requirements for implementation, including the renovation of the drainage system.

The FOCA has temporarily limited the number of motorized aircraft movements to 16 take-offs and landings per year. Together with the replacement of existing buildings planned for later, the FOCA will reassess the number of permitted flight movements. The FOCA's decision can be appealed to the Federal Administrative Court.